Saturday, January 29, 2011

Paper Hibiscus/ Shoe flower

I got an order to make 20 hibiscus flowers. They are made of red duplex paper and turned out great. Red hibiscus flowers are commonly used in India as an offering to Lord Ganesh.

This is a picture of a real hibiscus flower. Want to try one in pink and white soon.

Black Flower

Made a new flower. This is the first time i have used black material for making a flower. It is made of black nylon stocking with silver beads in the centre.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Paper flowers

This flower is made of duplex paper. Its very easy to make n also doesnt take much time. It is about 4 inches wide and is a great option for bouquets.

It has a foam centre.

Paper flowers

I made this flower using duplex paper. I wanted it to resemble a gardenia. It looks okay but will try to do a better job next time.

Organdi cloth flower

I made this flower with organdi cloth. It has more than 50 petals but looks really good. Would love to make a bouquet bit it takes up a lot of time but its worth the effort.

Foam Paper Creations

Made some flowers from foam paper for the first time. It did turn out well though tying the petals was a task. Will be adding instructions for these soon.

Nylon stocking Gardenia

Made this gardenia long time back. It has about 21 petals. Quite happy with what i've done.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Poinsettia Wreath

Here are some pictures of the poinsettia wreath. I have also included the snowman and angel in this wreath. It makes for a great wall piece.

These are the dried palm leaves which i hand painted which have been as a background for the wreath


I made this angel using nylon stocking and cotton. Her hair is made of wool. I plan to use this angel as a Christmas tree topper.


This snowman is made using white nylon stocking and lots of cotton. It measures about 4 inches in length and can be used as a tablepiece. The cap and shoes are also handmade


I made this poinsettia with nylon stocking. It has 15 petals and measures about 6 inches.

 I would like to make a wreath using these.

Tiny roses

These roses are tiny and have about 9 petals and measure about 2 inches each.

These yellow ones will soon be added to a bouquet.

I love roses

These roses are made in a slightly different way and are smaller. They can be worn to adorn your hair.

More roses

I love making roses. The bigger ones are a little difficult as there a lot of petals used in them. All these roses are made with nylon stocking and a wide range of colours have been used like fuchsia, yellow, baby pink, red etc.

The baby pink and red rose have about 50 petals each and are about 8 inches wide  .


I made these roses with  blue and white nylon stocking. It was a task to tie the petals together.
Each flower has approx. 20 petals and is about 6 inches wide.

It was bought by one of my friends to be given as a gift.