Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Instructions on making the foam flower

Finally I managed to compile the instructions on making a foam flower. Please bear with me as this is the first time I'm actually putting down instructions on making a flower.

Instructions on making the Foam Flower  


  1. Foam Paper (Any Colour)
  2. Stocking Wire
  3. Scissors
  4. Pliers
  5. Nylon Thread
  6. Stem Wire
  7. Stamen (Mostly Yellow)

  • Foam Paper is easily available in Art and Craft Stores. Usually you get a packet of about 10 sheets in different colours. It measures 20cm * 15 cm and is really thin. It easily cuts through.

  • First the foam sheet has to be cut into  5 equal parts each measuring about  4 cm vertically.

  • Take each part and mark about 1 cm on one side. This will serve as a guide while cutting the petals.

  • Now take each part and cut very thin lines on each of the 5 parts leaving the 1 cm space that you marked. Be careful not to cut it too thin or you will have some missing petals.

  • Now each of these have to be cut in a slant direction so as to make each of the petals pointed.

  • This has to be done to all the 5 parts.

  • Now you need to cut about 25 pieces of stocking wire  each measuring about 10 cm each.

  • Now you have to fold each of these wires into half.

  • Take one wire and put it around one of the foam parts.

  • Now you need to twist the wire so that it doesn't come out.

  • You will need to use about 5 pieces of wire for each part. This will help in tying the petals because once you finish tying the flower the base becomes very thick. Also Foam is somewhat difficult to tie. 

  • Now take take few threads of stamen and tie it to the stem wire using nylon thread. Cover with some green tape.

  • Now its time to tie the petals. Take one of the foam parts and roll it tightly round the stamen. The 1cm space that was left earlier will be the base used to tie the flower.

  • Once you roll the petal around the stamen, tie it tightly with the help of nylon thread. It will be difficult to tie the foam part initially as the foam tends to slide off.

  • The petals will spread out a little once you finish tying it. Tie it tightly and break off the thread. Take another foam and repeat the same action. You have to tie all the 5 parts in a similar manner.

  • This is how the flower looks when you finish tying all the 5 parts. 

  • Like I said earlier the base becomes quite thick after you finish tying the petals but this helps because this flower has a thick calyx.

  • To make the calyx you need to some cotton and wrap it around the base and give a roundish shape as shown.

  • Then you have to cover it with some green tape.

  • Also cover the stem with green tape.

  • And your flower is ready. You can make it in many different colours. 


  1. thank you so much for sharing it. These flowers looks so beautiful

  2. Thank you Tina...Love your work. I am sure going to make some soon!

  3. Your creations are awesome i just love them and would also try to do them at home but please provide the instructions too

  4. @kathy: thanks...let me knw which tutorials u lookin for n i wil try n post whenevr possible

  5. I never thought of making a fringe flower from foam before...thanks for the tute