Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Instructions on making a nylon stocking butterfly

I love making nylon stocking butterflies. Firstly, because they are easy to make and they look really pretty. So I decided to put down some instructions for the same. The measurement that I have given here will make a small butterfly mneasuring about 3-4 cm in lenghth. You can increase the measurements to get a bigger butterfly.

Instructions on making a nylon stocking butterfly

  1. Nylon Stocking (Any Colour)  
  2. Stocking Wire
  3. Green Tape
  4. Scissors
  5. Pliers
  6. Nylon Thread
  7. Cotton
  8. Stem Wire or any piece of thick wire (It should be thicker than stocking wire)
  9. Beads or glitter for embellishments

  • First you need to make the wings. To make the wings you  need to first prepare the shapes with the stocking wire.You need a total of 4 wings: .2 wings measuring 2.5cm in diameter and 2 wings measuring about 2cm in diameter. Remember to leave the ends big because then it becomes easier to tie them to the body of the butterfly

  • Now you need to give shape to the wings. I have chosen to give it a heart shape. You can shape the wings in whatever way you like. You have a host of options to choose from.

  • Now cover the wings with the stocking of your choice using nylon thread.

  • Now its time to make the body of the butterfly. You need to use the stem wire to make the body. You need to make a loop like the one shown in the picture and the upper part needs to measure about 2 cm. The remaining can be kept as long as you like as per your requirement.

  • Now you need to cover the loop with some cotton to form a proper body.

  • Now you need to cover the body with nylon stocking 2 times using nylon thread.

  • Now you need to make the antennae of the butterfly. You need to cut a piece of stocking wire measuring about 6-7 cm. Fold it into half and put it around the body of the butterfly.

  • Now twist the piece of wire around the body of the butterfly.

  • Now push both ends of the wire ahead. 

  • Now its time to attach the wings to the body. You need to start with one of the bigger wings. Tie it close to where you have attached the antennae on one side of the body.No similarly on the opposite side of the body you need to tie the other big wing. Then tie the smaller wings below the bigger ones.

  • Then your butterfly will look like this.

  • Next you need to cover the stem part with some green tape. Now you need to pull up the antennae so it stands. Give it a slight curvish shape.

  • You can glue some beads at the ends of the antennae or you can add some glitter to its wings. Your butterfly is now ready.

You can use these butterflies in flower bouquets or as fashion accessories in hair bands, clips or hats. They look really pretty. Here are some pics of the nylon stocking butterflies that I have made over a period of time.