Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Big Butterfly Tutorial

Hi everyone, finally i managed to compile the instructions for the big butterfly. It takes me forever to write down instructions.

The method to make this butterfly is very similar to the small with only a few changes in size. This butterfly looks great as home decor.The butterfly measures about 13 cm in length from the top wing to the the bottom wing.

Instructions for making the big butterfly.

  • Nylon Stocking (any colour)
  • Stocking Wire
  • Green Tape
  • Scissors 
  • Pliers
  • Nylon Thread
  • Cotton 
  • Beads or stones for embilleshment

Before I start with the instructions I wanted to add some pics of the beads or stones that i used to decorate the butterfly.

    1) First you need to make the wings. To make the wings you  need to first prepare the shapes with the stocking wire.
    You need a total of 4 wings: .2 big wings measuring 7cm in diameter and 2 small wings measuring about 5.5cm in diameter.
    Remember to leave the ends big because then it becomes easier to tie them to the body of the butterfly

    2) Now you need to give shape to the wings. You can shape the wings in whatever way you like. Just get inspired by the butterflies you see around.
    I have given the big wings the shape as shown in the pic and a heart shape to the smaller wings

    3) Now cover the wings with the stocking of your choice using nylon thread. I like to experiment with shaded stocking but its completely ur choice. Also you need to keep in mind the colour of beads or stones that you have and then select the stocking colour.

    4) Now its time to make the body of the butterfly. You need to use the stem wire to make the body. You need to make a loop like the one shown in the picture and the upper part needs to measure about 6.5 cm. This butterfly is big hence the body would also be big.
    The remaining can be kept as long as you like as per your requirement.

    5)Now you need to cover the loop with some cotton to form a proper body. 

    6) Now you need to cover the body with 2 layers of nylon stocking.  

    7) Now you need to make the antennae of the butterfly. You need to cut a big piece of stocking wire measuring about 12 cm. Fold it into half and put it around the body of the butterfly and twist it to secure it.

    8) Now push both ends of the wire ahead. 

    9) This butterfly will have a little different body than the one I made earlier. You need to take a big piece of stocking wire n twist it round the body of the butterfly a little further away from the stem.

    10) Continue encircling the body of the butterfly with the same piece of wire leaving space between each circle till you reach towards the end of the body. Twist the wire and fix in place. You need to turn the wire atleast 5 times round the body.

    11) This is how it needs to look like. You can also leave the body plain but I like this method because it makes the body of the butterfly look a little realistic.

    12) Now you need to start working on the petals. I generally just stick the beads and stones to the stocking with some white glue. It less tedious than using a needle n thread.

    13) This is how the petal looks after you stick the beads. The beads that  I used here are these really tiny white ones(these beads are generally used for bead work on clothes), with some silver beads in between and a few big blue ones(I picked these from one of my old t-shirts which i was gonna throw away).
    Let the wings dry for about 10 mins and then start assembling them

    14) Now its time to assemble the butterfly. You need to follow the same procedure which was followed for the small butterfly.You need to start with one of the bigger wings. Tie it close to where you have attached the antennae on one side of the body.

    15)Now similarly on the opposite side of the body you need to tie the other big wing.

    16)Then tie the smaller wings below the bigger ones. Repeat the same on the other side.

    17) After you finish tying the wings, this is how your butterfly will look.

    18) Now cover the stem part of the butterfly with some green tape. Also I covered the antennae ends with beads. And your butterfly is ready. This butterfly can be used as wall decoration or you can also pin it up to your curtains.

    These are some of the other big butterflies I made.

    Working on a new butterfly. It measures about a foot long.


    1. flower wire is different from stem wire
      plz also tell how to attach it too hair bands and pony

    2. Thanks everyone.
      @milo: Yeah flower wire is different from stem wire which is thicker. I will soon be sharing a tutorial on how to attach these to hair bands and clips.

    3. excellent work. good one.....good color combos