Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cold Porcelain Creations

I wanted to experiment with cold porcelain since ages but never got to doing it. Finally I managed to make some cold porcelain paste at home n make some things out of cold porcelian. I followed my friend Rubina Abids recipe to make the cold porcelain. You can view it on youtube on the link:

I also viewed some designs for cold porcelain on youtube n  applied them in my work.
Now I'm hooked n can't seem to get enough. Here are some pics of my work.



  1. hi
    grt me how to learn this cold porcelain work from home. is it possible being at home? guide me with some links if possible.

  2. hi tina,
    this is sudha again
    ur cold porcelein works are really great. kindly provide us the tutorial which says the entire process. ie. from materials required, preparation till usage of tools etc. i will b really helpful.waiting for your reply

  3. Hi sudha, sorry for the late reply...was caught up wit wrk...there r numerous videos on youtube eplaining the process of how to make cold porcelian at home and also abt how to make each of the things that i created. Just view how to make cold porcelian paste by Sangeeta Shah on youtube. It sbest I hv tried so far. Wil be sharing the other links soon.

  4. @sudha: Hi again, regarding the tools i did nt buy any special tools...just basic stuff like a knife and sone toothpicks a brush etc. Thats abt it. The basic materials u require to make cold porcelian is fevicol, baby oil, cornflour, vinegar and any body lotion(nivea is preferable but u can use anything.

  5. Hi Tina...
    Your works are really cool....
    I just started with this craft....